Summer School 2023: May 15th - June 30th

minimum number of participants: 5

Program Description

Target Groups

  • Freshmen and sophomores
  • Juniors and Seniors

The program includes two to three courses selected by each student. Lectures are held from Monday to Thursday, maybe some Fridays. A one-week-break after Pentecost weekend gives you ample opportunities to explore Germany and Europe, additionally to the weekends. Factory tours to regional companies will also be part of the program.

prospective courses 2023 - further course offers will be published soon (Status November 2022)

Solution methods for ordinary differential equations. First order equations, linear equations, and constant coefficient equations. Eigenvalue methods for systems of first order linear equations. Introduction to stability and phase plane analysis. Laplace transforms and series solutions to ordinary differential equations.

> Minimum number of 3 participants required.<

Discrete event simulation of production systems is used to measure system performance based on process models. Topics include model formulation, performance evaluation, and data collection.

Fundamentals of Product Management, Methods of finding, analyzing and evaluation of industrial goods markets.

Summer School students enter this course for the pratical part and will solve case studies and industry projects in working groups.   

Have fun in learning fundamentals of the German language for speaking skills, comprehension, pronunciation, and understanding the culture. You will join practical exercises i.e. in how to use public transport, order in a shop or restaurant.

Visits of a museum or a company included.

About Mannheim

Mannheim has a population of approximately 350,000 and numerous cultural sites, restaurants and shopping facilities.

Mannheim is located in southwest Germany. It is well connected. An ideal location for starting trips to other places in Europe. Frankfurt airport is easy to reach (Mannheim main station to Frankfurt airport: 1 h by train) and the rail and bus system is very convenient. Students may also be entitled to discounts in public transportation.

Explore the Rhine-Neckar region: career, fotos, culture and more.


Department of Mechanical Engineering

Coordinator International Programs

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Haupt

Faculty Administration

Ms. Martina Zantow



Due to special agreements the program can vary.

See two examples of timetables:

Timetable 2018

Timetable 2019


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